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Below is a partial list of Asheville NC Land Surveyors to help you with your real estate transaction. Whether you are purchasing in anew home community, a re-sale residentialproperty, land, home site, multi family property,commercial, or developing a tract of land, you will need to have it surveyed.

In addition situations arise all too often that would have been avoided if the Buyer or Seller had obtained a new survey from a NC registered land Surveyor. A survey will normally reveal such things as encroachments on the property from adjacent properties, e.g., fences, driveways, outbuildings etc.. and encroachments from the property onto adjacent properties e.g., road or utility easements crossing the property, violations of setback lines, lack of legal access to a public right of way and indefinite or erroneous legal descriptions in previous deeds to the property.

Although Asheville real estate title insurance companies may provide lender coverage without a new survey, the owner's policy contains an exception for easements, setbacks and other matters which would have been known or discovered on a survey, they would have no claim against a surveyor for inaccuracies in a prior survey. So with all that said we highly recommend getting a new survey.

Once again you are investing a lot of money and this is just another step you need to take along with all the other pre-closing steps and inspections that are needed so you can make sure you have made a financially sound and educated investment.

There are numerous services that typically are performed in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate. Buyers and Sellers understand the Beverly-Hanks & Associates cannot give advice in certain matters that may relate to the purchase or sale of property, including but not limited to matters of law, taxation, financingwood-destroying insect infestation, building, structural or engineering. 

To look up additional terms and definitions view our Real Estate Glossary

This is offered as a partial list of available Asheville real estate sources only and not a recommendation of any one company/person.  

Alan B Styles Land Surveying 236-3050
Blue Ridge Land Surveying 299-8203
Cipar Ingle Anders & Associates 258-0297
High Country Surveyors 664-0091
Hutchison-Biggs & Associates 258-1065
Vaughn & Melton 253-2796


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