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If you are thinking of purchasing a home inAsheville NC your first step is to get pre-qualified by a Mortgage Lender. By getting pre-qualified first before you start looking at homes for sale is the best avenue to travel. This allows you to know what you can afford and what you can't.

Although many customers will start shopping for a home first and then get pre-qualified later. In most cases by doing it this way they soon find out that they have wasted precious time and can become very discouraged.

In addition most real estate offers presented today must be accompanied by a pre- qualification letter. So if you are competing for a house and the other buyer presents their offer with a pre-qualification letter and you don't have one chances are they might proceed with the other offer, and you just lost the house. As I'm sure you are aware lending has also tightened up and therefore it is essential to have your ducks in a row before heading out to look at Asheville Real Estate.

There are many Asheville real estate Mortgage Lenders to help you determine what you can afford, discuss your credit, employment etc..

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This is offered as a partial list of available Asheville real estate sources only and not a recommendation of any one company/person. 


Beverly-Hanks Mortgage 828-251-1800,  click here for web page

Asheville Savings Bank 828-254-7411

Capital Bank 828-277-5001

Carolina Mortgage 828-698-3288

Cornerstone Residential Mortgage 828-650-9422

Hometrust Bank 828-259-3939

Macon Bank 828-654-8002

RBC Bank 828-326-8750

Suntrust Mortgage 828-694-2119

Wells Fargo 828-684-8650

Carteret Mortgage 828-210-0680


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