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No home should be without homeowner's insurance, including hazard, liability and contents, it can protect your home from unintentional damage caused by fire, smoke, wind, theft and so on.

Your Asheville lender will require insurance to protect their and your investment. If you are purchasing a single family residential home,condominium or townhouse etc., you will need to have insurance, even if you are paying cash it would be foolish not to have homeowner's/hazard insurance.

The standard coverage premiums are not that high (unless of course you have a history of filing many claims and/or you live in an area with disastrous problems etc..) and you will be glad you are protected if one of these disasters strikes your home.

At an additional expense you can add on additional coverage for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc.. Your Asheville homeowner's insurance agent will also check flood maps to make sure that you are not in a designated flood zone, if you find you are, insurance could be quite costly. Your insurance agent will research your area and guide you as to what insurance you need.

This is just a brief summary of homeowner's/hazard insurance, please contact your Asheville NC homeowner's insurance agent to go over your insurance and the coverage you need in detail.

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This is offered as a partial list of available Asheville real estate sources only and not a recommendation of any one company/person.  

State Farm 252-8222

Absolute Insurance 252-5560

Nationwide Insurance 258-8030

Appalachian Insurance Service 251-5089

Arden Insurance Associates 684-8111

Webb Insurance 258-2663

Allstate 298-4646

Brank Insurance 645-6300


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