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Please view the list below for Asheville real estate Appraisers.

If you are financing the purchase of a home yourlender will more than likely contact their own appraiser.

There are many other situations that arise where you might need an appraisal for Asheville real estate, e.g. before placing your property on the market to determine value, thinking of borrowing against the equity in your property, credit line, etc..

If you are paying cash you will want to have your own appraisal performed on the property to determine it's value.

So please have a look at the list of Asheville real estate appraisers and hopefully this will save you time in searching when you need to have an appraisal done.

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This is offered as a partial list of available Asheville real estate sources only and not a recommendation of any one company/person.  


Accurate Appraisals (828)-250-9821

Appalachian Appraisal Co. (828) 258-8510

CDN Appraisals (828) 299-8454

Allison Appraisal Co. (828) 236-0311

Apple Wynd Appraisal (828) 254-0069

Earnhardt & Associates Appraisers (828) 253-1930

 Appraisals Ken Potts (828) 683-1163

Appraisal Group (828) 684-4488

Asheville Appraisal Group (828) 253-8582

Associated Apraisal (828) 298-5891

B R B Appraisal Assoc. (828) 693-1300

Baber Appraisal (828) 251-5232

Byerly Appraisal Services (828) 253-7817

Blue Ridge Valuation Group (828) 253-0242

Carolina Certified Appraisals (828) 684-9478

Garren Appraisals 1-866-707-1277

Foster Real Estate Appraisers (828) 670-8828

Hominy Valley Real Estate Appraisals (828) 665-4944

JBD & Associates (828) 255-4964

Jim Debruhl Appraisals (828) 254-8856

Market Appraisals (828) 298-8245

Mountain Appraisals (828) 253-1240

Professional Appraisal (828) 252-8852

Miller Appraisals (828) 225-3075

Skyline Properties (828) 251-9433

Roberts Appraisals (828) 255-1859

Smith Appraisal Service (828) 258-1515

Tom Sobol (828) 669-1987

Steitler Thomas MAI (828) 254-9798

Sumner & Foster Appraisals (828) 296-0016


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