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There are numerous services that typically are performed in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate. Buyers and Sellers understand that Beverly-Hanks & Associates cannot give advice in certain matters that may relate to the purchase or sale of property, including but not limited to matters oflaw, taxation, financingwood-destroying insect infestation, building, structural or engineering.

Below is a list of local Business's related partially to Asheville real estate. We have placed these business's here to help you in your real estate transaction and the closing of your new real estate purchase, whether it be residential, a home site, landcommercialmulti family, new construction or purchasing in one of Asheville's new home communities.

For your Asheville real estate purchase you will need some of the services offered below. For example if you are purchasing a single family residential house, you will need a lenderappraiser, a home inspectorhazard insurance, an Asheville real estate Attorney for the closing.

You may also need to have the property surveyed (we recommend) and perform additional inspections. If you are thinking of building, you will probably need an architect and a builder for starters.

I have compiled this list to save you time, if you already have service providers you use, then great you are one step ahead of the game.

To look up additional terms and definitions view our Real Estate Glossary

Also check our Asheville real estate Information Directory this will offer you more information.

This is offered as a partial list of available Asheville real estate sources only and not a recommendation of any one company/person.  


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