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The right real estate company does make a difference

Have Beverly-Hanks market and sell your property and get the results you deserve

Beverly-Hanks – $1.12 Billion In Sales (year)
When you list your home with Beverly-Hanks you benefit from a locally owned and operated company and the power of a global network. We provide extensive national and international exposure through membership in exclusive real estate networks such as Leading Real Estate Companies of the world, a network more powerful than any national franchise. As Western North Carolina’s only independent real estate firm serving the region we are proud to say that we did $1.12 Billion in Sales in 2014.

Sold more real estate - than the next 5 firms combined
We don’t just list more homes we sell more homes - For 38 years, Beverly-Hanks & Associates has been the market leaders in Western North Carolina. In 2014 our brokers “sold” more real estate than the next five firms combined. More than three decades of leading the market every single year doesn’t happen by mistake. The Success of tens of thousands of clients happens when you have the systems and team in place to deliver results day and day out. Our associates are backed by a team of marketing professionals, non-competing managers, and an administrative staff that is top notch. That kind of back up lets your agent focus on you.

Making connections happen – 250+ agents, 50,000+ contacts
Our 250+ agents have recorded more than 50,000 contacts in our communication platform. These contacts are comprised of a diverse population from all walks of life. Our associates listen for life changes indicating when someone may be ready to enter the market. Let’s get them talking about your property too.

Coordinated market approach – Internet, ipad, mobile, radio, social media, news paper, magazine, TV, video, direct mail, open houses
Successful sales and marketing efforts require a blend of traditional print, radio, and direct mail campaigns with innovative strategies such as internet, mobile, and social media. Using multiple mediums is essential to appeal to each of the four generations active in today’s real estate market. Beverly-Hanks coordinated marketing approach means more buyers discovering your home on their terms.

We are connected globally - $125,000,000 in buyer referrals
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is a global network of over 500 premier real estate firms with 3,500 offices and 120,000 sales associates in nearly 50 countries around the world. Last year our global network of independent brokers and business affiliations referred $125,000,000 of real estate business to Beverly-Hanks through our Relocation Department. If our Relocation Department was a separate company, it would alone be the third largest real estate company in Western North Carolina. What this means for you? We have buyer referrals coming to Asheville throughout the country/around the globe.

Your internet exposure - is more than covered
More people visit Beverly-Hanks web site than any other real estate web site in the region. Driving buyers to Beverly-Hanks through as many web sites as possible leads to the best exposure for your home; Facebook, Pinterest, instagram, ABC 13, Craigslist, Front Door, Trulia, Zillow, Home Finder, YouTube, MSN, Google, Leading Real Estate companies of The World, Luxury Portfolio, Home Search, Luxury Real Estate, Yahoo, WSJ, MLS, Realtor,com, AOL. Tate, William Reevies, Halstead Property, B&W, Heritage, John L Scott, Watson, Long & Foster, Realty South, RoyalLE Page, Harry Norman, Alain Pinel.

Consumers don’t buy homes the way they used to and we are on top of all the trends
With buying cycles altered with the availability of information online, it is crucial we engage buyers early. Home buyers search months before securing a real estate agent, often by conducting research, driving through neighborhoods, and visiting open houses. Our marketing strategies engage these home shoppers while they’re in the discovery process. Our strategies include:

Pricing through a buyers eyes
Our Associates combine experience with Beverly-Hanks market research center.
This combination helps you properly price your home by carefully examining your competition. Whether your property is being shown and you’re not receiving offers or your property is overpriced and being eliminated online, overpricing results in frustration. Avoid roadblocks by understanding how the market establishes value.

Call and schedule an appointment
Please call Timothy Bosonetto, Beverly-Hanks today to schedule your confidential no obligation discussion on; what’s my home worth, listing and marketing your home, preparing your home for sale, offers and contracts, disclosures, closing Attorneys, home inspections, selling your property.

Sellers guide
If you would like to have a copy of our sellers guide just send us an email with your mailing address and we will send it right out. This guide is 22 informative pages on what Beverly-Hanks & Associates will do for you to get your home sold!

Personal service
We may be the largest company in Western North Carolina but we offer a very personal service that you will feel comfortable with.

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