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Q: Does this site show all MLS listed properties?
A: Yes, it shows all MLS listed properties in this area.

Q: Why do the numbers 99999 appear for property taxes? 
A: 99999 is a default code meaning there is no tax information on this property, the property has not been assessed yet, usually due to new construction (but could be other reasons), they should really use TBD (to be determined or pending) instead of the 99999. The 99999 can get very confusing with people thinking the taxes are $10,000. 

Q: Why are there only a few photos? 
A: There could be many reasons; Agent felt that certain areas of the house were not in good enough condition for photos, new construction and waiting for completion, tenant occupied and could not gain access etc..

Q: Why do some properties not have a link to the virtual tour ?
A: Unfortunately the listing agent did not provide and pay for this service for that particular property. 

Q: Do properties under contract show up on the listings? 
A: Yes and no, once under contract (pending) the seller can elect to have the property remain as active with back up offers being accepted. If this is the case it will show up on the listings as active. If the seller elects to have it "pending only" then the property will not show up on the active listings, therefore you will not see it.

Q: Do sold properties show up on the listings? 
A: No, but we will in the near future have a separate area that you can check for sold properties but when you search now you are only bringing up active properties or pending "requesting back up offer" properties.

Q: How often is your database updated? 
A: Our database is updated every 24 hours

Q: I can't find the property on your map? 
A: We use Bing Birds Eye View maps and sometimes the property might be to rural and/or it is an unknown street to Bing. All maps for searching out properties are an estimation of location only, there are very few incidences where the map will pinpoint the exact location of the property, the same is true for Google.

Q: I am looking up properties under your foreclosure and short sale section, are these definitely foreclosed or short sale properties etc..?
A: The search you have described is from the MLS remark section, we have picked up the keywords from that section that mention those words. If you find a property that you are interested in, your agent will need to confirm the current status of that property. We cannot depend on keywords alone!

Q: I have been to other sites and they show some properties that you don't have?
A: We show all MLS properties and we update every 24 hours. There could be a couple of reasons but normally it is because some of the other sites do not update every 24 hours, they might update every couple of weeks or so, so you are seeing properties that have already been sold, withdrawn or under contract and thinking they are still active.

Q: Why are some of the property details left blank?
A: Either the information was not availalble at the time or the listing agent/company simply did not complete all property detail fields.

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