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Asheville Farm House

Theres nothing like when you drive past that old farm house sitting in a pasture out in the country. With the old coral fence and a horse or cow grazing. These homes are owned by people that appreciate the country and prefer the country way of life.

If you like the farm house look, you will love Asheville's old country farm homes with the wrap around rocking chair porches and big stone fireplaces. You can still find these original homes for sale out in the country and some you will find with ample acreage.
Many of these old farm hoomes have acrage for horses and small crops.

These Farms Homes  were originally built to offer folks plenty of indoor and outdoor shelter with their large rooms and covered porches. Although you don't necessarily have to live out in the country to enjoy these homes and have the Asheville farm house style of home.

You can see this style in some of the newer developments and dotted in and around Asheville. Most of the new farm house style homes are huge, with big fireplaces, wrap around porches, formal dining rooms, high ceilings, solid core doors, hardwood floors, large country kitchens etc... 

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