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What is an energy star home?

In a nut shell an energy star home is an energy efficient home. It uses less energy than your standard home does, it is better for the environment because you use less energy which means the power plant uses less energy which also means there is less pollution derived from the power plant. 
To earn the energy star for a home, the home must meet guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes are typically 20-30% more energy efficient than the standard home built today. This goes hand in hand with green building. 
Remember when purchasing appliances, hot water heaters, dishwashers etc..., always look for the "Energy Star Label" . 

What is a Asheville healthy built home, green home or a WNC healthy built home? 
Green home, Asheville healthy built home and WNC healthy built homes are one in the same. Comparing an Asheville green home to a standard built home, an Asheville real estatehealthy built home is a home that uses less energy to run the home, takes less water and natural resources, creates less waste, provides healthier indoor air quality and the use of water and energy conservation. See eco-friendly home listings below.

Do you need to certify that your home is green or healthy built? 
There are different levels of certifications available to officially determine how green your home is or is going to be. But nothing is stopping a homeowner greening up their home without obtaining a certification. You can start greening up your home by just changing your light bulbs to energy savers. 
If you are going to build a new home in Asheville or remodel your existing home and you want to incorporate green building into the home then I would recommend having your home certified. This certification comes with inspections and knowledgeable people that will ensure that your green building is done correctly. There is also the added benefit of a possible increase in sales price should you sell your home. Asheville healthy built homes are becoming more and more popular every day. 
The National Green Building Standard is the first residential green building rating system to undergo the full consensus process and receive American National Standards Institute approval. The four threshold levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Emerald - allow builders to achieve entry-level green building, or the highest level of sustainable "green" building incorporating energy savings of 60% or more. 

What's involved in going WNC healthy built/green? 
The sky's the limit, but for most of us on a budget it is providing green building at a cost that is affordable. This would be to create less energy to run the home, use less water and natural resources, create less waste, provide healthier indoor air quality and water, waste and energy conservation and to accomplish all this within your budget/reasonable cost. 

What's the benefit of an Asheville healthy built home? 
Better quality of life
Energy cost savings could be as much as 60% 
Help save the environment 
Better indoor air quality 
Better energy household management 
Tax credit is available for certain applications 
Increased home values

What are a few things I can do to my existing home to help? 
You can start with family energy and water conservation
Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones
Replace windows with energy efficient ratings
Increase insulation where applicable
Replace existing appliances with energy and water efficient ones
Replace toilets for water efficientcy
Seal air leaks and cracks 
Use low energy lighting
Use toxin-free materials
Alternative energy sources
Recycled materials
And so on….. 

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