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Montford Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and is located in central Asheville about a mile from downtown Asheville.

Montford's architecture consists of beautiful home styles such as the Queen Anne, Victorians, Tudor style, Farm House, Arts and Crafts etc.(see Montford real estate listings below). Montford consists of about 300 acres and was incorporated back in 1893, Montford was developed by Asheville Loan, Construction and Improvement company and then George Pack took over the failing business and it became a prominent residential development. Asheville archtiect Richard Smith had an architectural influence on Montford with his use of materials and construction such as stone, shingles, 12/12 pitch roofs and rocking chair front porches. See Montford homes for sale below!

Montford is a very sought after area for those people that enjoy the older homes with large rooms, large front porches and the old time character that goes with these properties. Montford is also a way of life, the people that live in Montford seem to be more down to earth, friendly and caring.

"Montford" also called the "happy place", when you drive through Montford people are walking, talking and laughing, riding bikes, scooters and mingling with each other, they seem to definately be the opposite of keeping up with the Jones type people. Once I was driving through Montford and a woman was sweeping her front porch and singing to the top of her lungs, she seemed very content and was definately enjoying the day if not life in general(and she was a pretty good singer too). You can't drive through Montford without someone waving at you.

Montford has it's own park, a little store and is within walking distance to Dowtown Asheville. When you drive through Montford you will see Bed and Breakfast Inn's operated in old historic Queen Anne's, Victorians etc., very impressive in deed. Some famous people that called Asheville their home were General Robert Vance and NC Governor Zebulon Vance, authors Thomas Wolfe and Willliam Porter. 

As mentioned earlier Montford real estate is rich in history and architecture from the creeky wooden floors, to the rocking chair front porches to the charm and character you just can't find in newer homes.

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