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To help give you a better idea we have broken Asheville down to five areas; central, north, south, east, west, so that we can share some of the highlights of the city and give you a quick glance at Asheville real estate. Hopefully this will help you determine what area you might prefer to live and purchase real estate in. 

East Asheville is about 20 minutes from down town Asheville, with a short distance to the Asheville Mall and easy access to the Interstate in all directions. The VA hospital is also located in this area of Asheville. Grocery shopping is close by and commuting is a breeze.

Real estate in this area consists of single family homes, multi family condos for sale and rental units. One of the well known areas in east Asheville is Haw Creek (see MLS listings below). 

See the search bar below for more available homes for sale in east Asheville and all real estate in Asheville. Haw Creek MLS lsitings are automatically populated below for quick viewing. For other real estate, please click on the search bar, which gives you the choice of searching homes for sale in all of Asheville

For your personal tour of east Asheville including Black Mountain, please give us a call, Tim Bosonetto, Beverly-Hanks, 828-712-9088.

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