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If you are looking for a new home but don’t want to go through the building process then the purchase of a brand new spec house is for you. Our inventory normally offers plenty of homes that have been just completed or nearing completion. Many times you can come in on the tail end and pick the finishing touches, such as paint, flooring, appliances etc… At the end of this article I have populated listings of homes that are brand new, complete or close to. Hopefully this will give you an idea to what is available in the new speculative home market.

But if you prefer having a new custom home built then read below.

New Construction – Building a new custom home: If you are reading this I’m as excited as you are. I love new construction and I can offer you a great service on helping you fulfill your dreams of building a home. There is nothing more exciting than having a new home built for you. 

Builders – How do I find a good builder? For starters; I would look for a builder that has plenty of references, good standing reputation for providing quality built homes, and has built a substantial number of homes. If you are going to be building in a higher price range you should also look to see if a builder has an unlimited (necessary beyond a certain price point) General Contractors license, meaning they have been financially audited and are able to build in a that price range.

A good example - I work with an excellent builder that; has built 100+ homes in Asheville, builds quality homes, has an unlimited GC license, good references, excellent reputation, can build in any price range, has recently constructed homes that he can show to clients, Green Built Certified, financially stable, no outstanding complaints, lawsuits, judgments. I'm not saying all builders have to meet this exact criteria but this is just one example of a builder that you would definitly want to meet and discuss further with.

Realtor – How do I find a good agent that is experienced in new construction? In addition to the builder, your agent you hire to represent you should be fully experienced and qualified. I have been working in real estate for 24 years and have worked with builders on over 100+new constructed homes, worked on plenty of housing developments throughout Asheville and have plenty of references to back that up. I have worked with builders in pretty much every price range, so no matter what price range you are in you can rest assured that I have experience on all levels of construction, financing and new construction contractual knowledge.

A good example; I am experienced with 24 years as a real estate agent (currently 16 years with Beverly-Hanks), worked with builders on 100+ new constructed homes in Asheville in the past 16 years, experience with all aspects of residential construction, construction financing, new construction contract and contractual obligations, worked in all different price ranges in new construction, excellent reputation, references, I always work diligently for you.

Financing: We help you every step of the way; discuss financing options e.g. construction financing converted to a conventional loan, straight conventional where the builder covers the construction financing, then of course cash. Beverly-Hanks has a full in-house Mortgage department if needed.

Building Deposits: Go over and explain building deposits. 

Building Plans: Now it’s time to discuss plan options and there are several different ways to do this: Working off your own plan Working off and having an Architect modify one of the builder’s plans Having a local Architect work with you and the builder to modify an existing plan of yours Taking ideas from the Internet and having the Architect modify and re-draw to fit your needs Purchasing entire plans off the Internet Having an Architect start from scratch on a new plan.

Home site: Once we find a suitable lot, we will meet with the builder to discuss, property lines, suitability, setbacks ROW’s, elevations, house positioning etc…

Green Built: No matter what price range you are in, I highly recommend building green and having your home green built certified. The builder constructs the house to green guidelines and the home is inspected by a third party inspector. The National Green Building Standard is the first residential green building rating system to undergo the full consensus process and receive American National Standards Institute approval. You don’t by any means have have to go overboard with the green building but there is a huge benefit in having your home constructed with 2x6 exterior walls, foam insulated, ERV system (fresh air system), 15 seer heat pumps, no VOI paints, rain barrels, energy star appliances, site disturbance control, low gal toilets etc…. This won’t hurt the pocket book to much and it will give you; green built certification, better quality of life, energy cost savings could be as much as 60%,  helping to save the environment, better indoor air quality, better energy household management, tax credit, increased home value.    

Length of time to build: All I can vouch for are the builders I work with, and they work nonstop until the home is complete, They normally have at least a few+ homes going on at the same time. This helps the entire progress; sub contractors have a steady source of income from the contractor, their loyalty is to the contractor, they are in sync with the contractor, steady crews get work done and in a professional manner.

Length of time depends on many factors; weather, materials, complexity of the project, size of home, topography (foundation), rock etc... Therefore below is a rough estimate under normal conditions, from breaking ground to completion; $300,000 – 3 months, $500,000 – 4.5 months, $700,000 – 6 months, $1,000,000 – 7 months

I hope all of this has been helpful and I would love the opportunity to discuss your new construction wants and needs, and of course you would be under no obligation to use my services. Please feel free to contact me anytime, Timothy Bosonetto, Beverly-Hanks Realtors, 828-712-9088, And I hope you enjoy the rest of my personal web site.

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